The lockdown has transformed the quiz scene. Quizzica have adapted their products to meet this new demand. Whilst still offering our top of the range pub quiz, we now offer Zoom quizzes in all formats, which can be either run by the client, or by us.

Why choose Quizzica?

  • Quizzica have a track record of providing high quality quizzes for over twenty years. We have provided¬† questions for pub quizzes, team quizzes, TV quizzes, charity quizzes and more recently, Zoom quizzes.
  • Quizzica provide quizzes that are tailor-made exactly to the client’s needs.
  • Quizzica was founded and is run by quiz players we know what makes a fun quiz and what things don’t. We don’t pack our quizzes with repetition, it’s rare for one to have two similar questions. Unless requested, you will not find it’s all about sport, or all about pop music, or all about this week’s news; but you’ll probably need someone in your team who can answer a couple of questions on all those subjects if you want to win. We check and test our quizzes for accuracy and for pitfalls – we avoid questions where the answer is debatable and make sure all possible answers are listed as acceptable.

Tailored to your needs

Quizzica pride themselves in providing bespoke quizzes that exactly fit a client’s requirements.

Any quiz, any subject, any format