Quizzica create quizzes, games and entertainment. We offer a range of services ranging from our top-of-the-line Pub Quiz to game design, from question setting to sound- and video-based puzzles.

Why choose Quizzica?

Many Pub Quizzes are boring:

  • The questions are repetitive: themed rounds – like ’70s Pop Music’ – with every question the same as the one before.
  • A good question is one you can work out fairly quickly, or your team can have a guess at after a – hopefully fun – brain racking.
  • Questions you just know with no thinking, or have no idea on are boring.
  • No one likes to have to argue with the Master of Ceremonies when the answer to a question is Just Plain Wrong, or when the question is so vaguely worded that there is no definitive right answer.

Because Quizzica was founded and is run by quiz players we know what makes a fun quiz and what things don’t. We don’t pack our quizzes with repetition, it’s rare for one to have two similar questions. You won’t find it’s all about sport, or all about pop music, or all about this week’s news; but you’ll probably need someone in your team who can answer a couple of questions on all those subjects if you want to win. We check and test our quizzes for accuracy and for pitfalls – we avoid questions where the answer is debatable and make sure all possible answers are listed as acceptable.

Tailored to your needs

We don’t compete with the race-to-the bottom, pile ’em high, sell ’em cheap internet quiz sites. We believe that, ideally, a good quiz needs to be carefully tailored for its target audience. We can provide high-quality off-the-shelf quizzes, but for a small premium we will provide a bespoke quiz. We can adjust level of difficulty, the mix of subject matter, and the style of the questions to your taste.