Event Quiz

Quizzica can set and run quizzes for events or social evenings. In the past we have done so for a wide variety of events – ranging, from weddings to quiz nights in prisons.

Here’s an example quiz we set for a wedding.

Tuned to your needs

The most basic Event Quiz set is simply the same as our Pub Quiz, with an optional preamble Picture Quiz. All the usual tuning possibilities are available. But we can go much further than that to fit the quiz exactly to your needs. We’ll set the length of the quiz to fit your event. If you need more questions on a particular topic – or to avoid a topic completely – we can accomodate that. And if you are a carpet distribution company and would like half the questions to be carpet themed, then we can do that – cut to fit, as it were.

  • Tuning can be – among other things, changing:
  • Level and range of difficulty of questions
  • Mix and balance of subjects
  • Features: cryptic, link, list questions, etc.
  • Structure, rounds or halves, number of questions.

If you have a specific idea then give us a call to discuss.