Event Quiz

Quizzica are able to produce event quizzes across a range of media.

Here’s an example quiz we set for a wedding.

Tuned to your needs

Quizzica will provide a quiz exactly to your needs. We’ll set the length of the quiz to fit your event. If you need more questions on a particular topic – or to avoid a topic completely – we can accommodate that.  If, for example, you are a carpet distribution company and would like half the questions to be carpet themed, we can do that – cut to fit, as it were.

  • Tuning can be – among other things, changing:
  • Level and range of difficulty of questions
  • Mix and balance of subjects
  • Features: cryptic, link, list questions, etc.
  • Structure, rounds or halves, number of questions.
  •  Zoom quizzes
  •  Powerpoint quizzes