Sample Pub Quiz

  1. Which is the only fictional creature used for a year name in Chinese astrology?
  2. ‘Dix’ is the French for which number?
  3. (Children’s) Which organisation employed the ‘indestructible’ Captain Scarlet?
  4. Name Dr Liam Fox’s close friend who is under scrutiny for aiding him on ministry trips?
  5. (Link) Which aquatic earless mammal of the genus ‘phoca’ is sometimes known as the ‘saddleback’?
  6. In modern technology for what does ‘BBM’ stand?
  7. (Royalty) Albert 2nd is the name of the two current monarchs of which European countries or principalities?
  8. Which current British coin first entered circulation in 1982?
  9. Which 1970’s pop group’s TV show was called ‘Shang-a-Lang’?
  10. (Link) Who is the current England off spinner who also plays cricket for Nottinghamshire?
  11. Which popular spice is extracted primarily from a type of Mexican orchid?
  12. ‘Once you pop, you can’t stop’ is a slogan associated with which edible product?
  13. Connect the following: top, sample & bank.
  14. (Link) Which British mid 1970’s sitcom was the first to have an entirely black cast including a young Lenny Henry?
  15. Name the six cities that hosted the summer Olympics from 1988 to 2008 inclusive.half time
  16. (London) Which mainline London station is nearest to the British Library?
  17. Which insects’ method of communication is known as a ‘waggledance’?
  18. Which is the USA’s southernmost mainland state?
  19. The last battle fought on English soil was at Sedgemoor in 1685, in which southern English county is Sedgemoor?
  20. (Link) What is the world’s longest venomous snake, some growing as long as 18 feet and found mainly in South East Asia?
  21. Dappy & Tulisa are members of which Camden based grime hip-hop trio?
  22. Which thriller author’s novels include ‘The Summons’ & ‘The Pelican Brief’?
  23. Name the year: ‘The Phantom Menace’ premiered at the cinema, Lance Armstrong won his first Tour de France and King Hussein of Jordan died.
  24. When the UK won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1997 with Katrina & The Waves, what was the title of their winning entry?
  25. (Link) Which of Paul McCartney’s daughters designed Nancy Shevell’s wedding attire?
  26. Featuring Ant & Dec with Cat Deeley, what was the name of the ITV weekend morning show for children that aired between 1998 & 2003?
  27. Which current mobile network began life in the UK as ‘Mercury One2One’?
  28. In the computing acronym ‘USB’ what does the ‘U’ stand for?
  29. Connect the following: T.S. Eliot, punishment & Michelle Pfeiffer.
  30. Name 5 of the ‘big six’ energy suppliers in the UK.end

Younger Children’s: Which British comedian is the voice of Zazu in Disney’s ‘The Lion King’?

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