About Us

Quizzica was incorporated in 2001 by a group of like-minded quiz players, looking for a better standard of quiz. In our experience the standard of quiz questions, and the way they are put together to make a quiz, is poor. Many quizzes, especially in the internet age, consist of simple list-based, monotonous questions – Who had a hit with …? Who won … ? In what year did …? When setting these quizzes little attention is paid to the fact that quiz playing is a social pastime,

Mike Billson

Mike, a former Brain of Britain is our Chief Question Setter. Mike has a background in classics, but still enjoys perusing the daily rags for current affairs news and the broadsheets for current affairs news.

Roger Mortimore

Roger is Director of Politcal Analysis of Ipsos MORI, author of several books, and more importantly, a long-time quiz player. He was a member of the University College, Oxford team that achieved the highest ever score on University Challenge. Roger acts an advisor and occasional question setter and editor for Quizzica.

Paul Plater

Paul is Quizzica’s Chief Master of Ceremonies, and hosts most quizzes that we run ourselves. A thespian and graduate of University College London, Paul is veteran of over twenty years of quizzing.

Martin Smith

Martin is the Company Secretary and a Pub Quiz setter. He has been professionally involved with research and the quiz world for 25 years.

John Deacon

Martin Clayton

Martin is a technology consultant based in rural Sussex, working in London. He holds a Ph.D. in Astronomy from University College London.

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