Question Setting

Our approach to question setting

The mix of questions, the range of topics covered, the difficulty and the tone are varied to fit the circumstances. Questions that might be right for a light-hearted, slightly raucous pub quiz night may be wrong for a serious quiz league with reputations on the line and ten seconds to come up with the right answer – and vice versa. But whatever the format they need to be well written. And accurate. And interesting. We believe our questions are, and our clients seem to agree.

Question-based games

Quizzica have set questions for many clients: television shows, web-based quiz sites, mobile phone-based casual games, etc. We regularly set questions for pubs and quiz leagues in various formats – pub quiz, team quiz, individual (e.g. Mimir) format.


We can provide quizzes to be played over Zoom or on Teams, including a Question Master if needed.  As with all our products the questions can be tailored to your needs, with visual elects and style too.

Quiz leagues

Our approach to provisioning a league season is to create sets of questions that balance over each week and cover a wide variety of topics over the course of the whole season. We vary the subject matter each week to add variety. With formats like that used in the Quiz League of London, where every question is directed to an individual player, each player in a team can expect each week to receive questions with a range of difficulty and covering a range of subjects. We prepare a ‘framework quiz’ each week in to which some topical questions are added.

Quiz shows

We have provided questions for various media including broadcast television and on-line ‘casual gaming’ web sites.

Corporate events

We provide a bespoke quiz service for Corporate clients and other one-off customers. This can be a standard ‘trivia’ quiz event – either stand-alone or as part of a larger event. But we can also provide unique quizzes for special occasions – for example, based on the line of business of the client, or even the corporate history or personalities. If you would like to discuss organising a corporate quiz event contact Paul.