Sample Event Quiz

  1. The first question is especially from Quizzica to Teresa & Dave: What was the title of Cliff Richard’s entry in the 1968 Eurovision contest?
  2. What was the name of Swansea FC’s home ground before the Liberty Stadium?
  3. (Children’s) Who appeared in a 1970’s American cartoon with ‘The Teen Angels’?
  4. Which TV detective drove a Peugeot 403 Cabriolet?
  5. (Link) What was the original name of ‘Starburst’ confectionary? 
  6. 511’s are the latest must have jeans by which manufacturer?
  7. (Royalty) Which English monarch was married on 10th March 1863?
  8. What colour would a substance with ph3 turn a sample of litmus paper?
  9. ‘Onze’ is the French for which number?
  10. (Link) Which villain was portrayed by John Altman in ‘Eastenders’? 
  11. Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England, is in which county?
  12. The Bennet & the Darcy families feature in which romantic novel?
  13. Connect the following: master, fairy & worm.
  14. (Link) Which Croydon born actor played both ’Callan’ & ‘The Equalizer’?
  15. Name Enid Blyton’s ‘Famous Five’.half time
  16. (London) Which adventurer got married at St Margaret’s Church in Barking on 21st December, 1762?
  17. Which is the only planet in the solar system to rotate clockwise?
  18. (Lyrics) According to the lyrics of ‘MacArthur Park’ by Jimmy Webb, what was ‘left out in the rain’?
  19. What are the young of squirrels & beavers called?
  20. (Link) Which woman was the first to run a mile in under 5 minutes, whilst representing Birchfield Harriers, in 1954? 
  21. In sport, what goes in a ‘shag bag’?
  22. Which poet, a 19th century laureate, wrote ‘The Lady of Shallot’?
  23. Name the year: Albania & Croatia joined NATO, Rio de Janeiro was awarded the Olympics & Patrick Swayze died
  24. Which popular honeymoon spot was featured in the title of a 1953 Marilyn Monroe film?
  25. (Link) Which 1970’s rock song contains the lines “We all make mistakes, forgive me, would you like to ride my butterfly”? 
  26. Which word, often used in modern colloquial English, is Hawaiian for ‘quick’?
  27. A Buck’s Fizz cocktail consists of orange juice and which alcoholic ingredient?
  28. Which popular buffet food derives its name from the French for ‘windblown’?
  29. Connect the following: Eurovision song contest, sadness & bowerbirds.
  30. Given ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ name the other 6 Harry Potter novels – in order.